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Tinubu warns Qatari investors: ‘Don’t offer bribes to Nigerian officials,’ vows to tackle corruption



Tinubu warns Qatari investors: 'Don't offer bribes to Nigerian officials,' vows to tackle corruption

Tinubu warns Qatari investors: ‘Don’t offer bribes to Nigerian officials,’ vows to tackle corruption


In a bid to foster transparent and ethical business practices, President Bola Tinubu has issued a stern warning to Qatari investors, urging them not to engage in bribery with Nigerian government officials. Speaking at the Nigeria-Qatar Business and Investment Forum in Doha on Sunday, March 3, 2024, Tinubu reiterated his administration’s unwavering commitment to combatting corruption and fostering a conducive business environment in Nigeria.

During his state visit to Qatar aimed at fostering collaboration and investment opportunities between the two nations, Tinubu emphasized the importance of upholding integrity and accountability in all business dealings. He implored Qatari investors to report any instances of bribery or corruption involving Nigerian government officials, assuring them of swift and decisive action against any perpetrators.

“I am here to give you the assurance that reforms are underway; forget about whatever you heard in the past. Whatever obstacles or problems some of you might have experienced are in the past because there are no obstacles in the future,” Tinubu declared.

Highlighting Nigeria’s commitment to shedding its reputation as a corrupt nation, the President urged investors not to allow negative perceptions to hinder their willingness to invest in the country.

“Do not offer bribes to any of our people; if it is requested or taken from you, report it to us. You will have access to me. Nigeria will no longer be defined by its past, but by what we do now and moving forward. Do not let perceptions become a hindrance to your investment aspirations. Nigeria is serious about revolutionizing investment promotion,” Tinubu emphasized.

Assuring investors of a streamlined and transparent investment process, Tinubu underscored the government’s efforts to remove barriers and facilitate ease of business in Nigeria. He emphasized the importance of free entry and exit for investments, ensuring seamless flow of funds into and out of the country.

“We have made significant strides in the fight against corruption and insecurity in Nigeria, with the appointment of a seasoned anti-corruption crusader, Nuhu Ribadu, as the National Security Adviser,” Tinubu announced.

“We have a man who has received numerous global awards for his anti-corruption efforts as our anti-corruption czar. I assure you that Nigeria is open for business and that your investments are secure in our hands,” he added.

Asserting that the success of a nation hinges on the integrity and dedication of its people, Tinubu expressed confidence in Nigeria’s ability to attract and nurture investments. He underscored the importance of fostering a collaborative partnership between Nigeria and Qatar to drive economic growth and prosperity for both nations.

“As we embark on this journey of partnership and collaboration, let us remember that it is the people who build great nations. We have the talent, the resources, and the determination to create a brighter future for Nigeria and Qatar. Together, we can forge a path to prosperity and success,” Tinubu concluded.

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