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FG defends Nigeria’s acceptance of Ukraine food aid, Minister asserts resilience



FG defends Nigeria’s acceptance of Ukraine food aid, Minister asserts resilience


Minister of Information and National Orientation, Alhaji Mohammed Idris, has defended Nigeria’s decision to accept food aid from war-torn Ukraine, asserting that it does not diminish Nigeria’s status as a resilient nation. Speaking at the Leadership Annual Conference and Award 2023 in Abuja, organized by the Leadership Group, publishers of Leadership Newspapers, Alhaji Idris emphasized the importance of international cooperation in times of need.

Addressing concerns about Nigeria’s acceptance of grains from Ukraine, the Minister highlighted Egypt’s dependence on Ukrainian grains, stating that such dependencies are common among nations and do not reflect a country’s failure. He underscored that while Nigeria faces challenges, it remains steadfast and resilient in the face of adversity.

“Nigeria, like many other nations, relies on international trade and cooperation to meet its needs. Accepting aid from Ukraine does not diminish our sovereignty or resilience. It is a testament to the interconnectedness of nations in the global community,” Alhaji Idris stated.

Acknowledging the challenges Nigeria currently faces, the Minister reiterated President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to addressing these issues and steering the country towards progress. He emphasized that Nigerians entrusted President Tinubu with the mandate to enact positive change, and the administration is taking bold steps to fulfill this mandate.

“President Tinubu is fully aware of the challenges confronting our nation, and he is dedicated to implementing policies that will propel Nigeria forward. Despite the difficult decisions taken, such as the removal of fuel subsidy and addressing foreign exchange issues, the economy continues to grow and improve,” Alhaji Idris affirmed.

Highlighting the benefits of removing fuel subsidies, the Minister emphasized that it was a necessary step towards economic reform. He urged Nigerians to support the President’s initiatives, assuring that the country will soon reap the rewards of these reforms.

“The removal of fuel subsidies was a bold move towards economic stability. It has led to a significant reduction in fuel imports and has positively impacted the economy. President Tinubu’s administration has also attracted substantial foreign investments, demonstrating his commitment to Nigeria’s prosperity,” Alhaji Idris added.

Addressing the theme of the Leadership Annual Conference and Award 2023, “An Economy in Distress: The Way Forward,” the Minister emphasized the resilience of the Nigerian economy and expressed optimism for the nation’s future.

“We are facing challenges, but we are resilient. President Tinubu’s administration is working tirelessly to overcome these challenges and chart a path towards economic prosperity. With continued support and cooperation, Nigeria will emerge stronger than ever,” Alhaji Idris concluded.

The Minister’s remarks underscored Nigeria’s determination to navigate through adversity and emerge as a stronger and more prosperous nation. As the country continues its journey towards economic recovery, international partnerships and domestic resilience will play crucial roles in shaping its future.

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