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FG pleads for cooperation as Third Mainland bridge repairs intensify



FG pleads for cooperation as Third Mainland bridge repairs intensify

FG pleads for cooperation as Third Mainland bridge repairs intensify

Amid ongoing efforts to rehabilitate the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, the Federal Government has announced a temporary traffic restriction from Lagos Island to Iyana Oworo. The restriction, scheduled to commence from 12:00 am on Wednesday, is aimed at facilitating crucial repair works on the bridge.

In a statement issued by Olukorede Kesha, the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, motorists were urged to cooperate with traffic officials and seek alternative routes during the repair period. Kesha also extended apologies for any inconvenience that the restrictions might cause motorists.

“The Federal Ministry of Works wishes to inform the motoring public that, in continuation of the ongoing rehabilitation works on the Third Mainland Bridge, traffic from Lagos Island to Iyana Oworo will be restricted,” Kesha stated.

The restriction is set to be in effect from 12:00 am on Wednesday, March 6, until 12 noon on Thursday, March 7, to facilitate the execution of a major aspect of the repair works on the bridge. Consequently, the bridge will not be accessible to Iyana-Oworo bound traffic during this period, necessitating the use of alternative routes.

However, the carriageway from Iyana-Oworo to the Island will remain open exclusively for the use of motorists heading towards the island throughout the restricted period.

The announcement comes as part of the ongoing efforts by the Federal Government to enhance the structural integrity and safety of the Third Mainland Bridge, a critical infrastructure linking Lagos Island with the mainland.

As repair works intensify, the Federal Government appeals to Lagosians for their understanding and cooperation in adhering to traffic guidelines and utilizing alternative routes. By working together and exercising patience, motorists can help ensure the smooth execution of the repair works and minimize disruptions to daily commuting activities.

The temporary traffic restrictions underscore the government’s commitment to prioritizing infrastructure maintenance and ensuring the safety of road users. While inconvenience may be experienced during this period, the long-term benefits of a well-maintained and structurally sound Third Mainland Bridge are paramount.

As repair efforts continue, the Federal Government remains dedicated to keeping the public informed and implementing measures to mitigate the impact on commuters. Cooperation from all stakeholders is crucial in successfully completing the rehabilitation works and preserving the functionality of this vital transportation artery in Lagos.

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