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Governor Uba Sani affirms: Gumi not involved in safe rescue of abducted pupils



Governor Uba Sani affirms: Gumi not involved in safe rescue of abducted pupils

Kaduna Governor clarifies misconceptions surrounding rescue operation, emphasizes military’s role in successful recovery


In a recent revelation, Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State emphatically stated that Islamic cleric Sheikh Ahmad Gumi played no part in the successful rescue operation of abducted pupils and teachers from their captors.


The governor’s remarks came amidst widespread speculation regarding Gumi’s alleged involvement in negotiating the release of the victims, who fell prey to bandit kidnappings.


Approximately three weeks ago, the nation was gripped by the harrowing news of pupils and teachers being abducted from their schools, sending shockwaves across communities.


In response to the crisis, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi publicly offered his services to mediate between the bandits responsible for the kidnappings and the government, citing his religious duty to promote peace through dialogue.


However, during an appearance on Channels TV’s Sunday Politics programme on March 25, 2024, Governor Sani unequivocally dismissed the notions linking Gumi to the rescue operation.


He revealed that it was the concerted efforts of the Nigerian military, in collaboration with local authorities from neighboring Zamfara State, that led to the successful recovery of the victims.


The hostages had been relocated to Zamfara by their captors, necessitating a joint operation to secure their release.


Governor Sani addressed the swirling speculations surrounding Gumi’s purported involvement, categorically stating, “All those speculations you are hearing today are a figment of some people’s imagination. I can tell you that without any fear of contradiction. There was nothing like Gumi in this operation. I can tell you. I won’t undermine the efforts of our Armed Forces.”


Furthermore, Governor Sani took the opportunity to correct misinformation regarding the number of abducted schoolchildren. Contrary to widely circulated reports indicating 287 kidnapped pupils, the governor clarified that a total of 137 pupils from both the LEA Primary School and Government Secondary School were abducted.

Despite this adjustment, Governor Sani expressed deep regret over the loss of a teacher who was among those kidnapped alongside the pupils.

Tragically, the teacher succumbed to complications that arose during the period of captivity, underscoring the profound toll that such incidents exact on the lives of innocent individuals and their communities.

As the nation grapples with the scourge of insecurity, Governor Uba Sani’s clarification serves to dispel misconceptions surrounding the rescue operation while highlighting the crucial role played by the Nigerian military in safeguarding the lives of citizens.

His statements provide a sobering reminder of the challenges faced in combating the menace of banditry and the imperative of collaborative efforts in restoring peace and security to affected regions.

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