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Bobrisky pleads guilty to Naira abuse charges, sentencing deferred



Bobrisky pleads guilty to Naira abuse charges, sentencing deferred

Bobrisky pleads guilty to Naira abuse charges, sentencing deferred


In a dramatic turn of events, Nigerian socialite and transgender personality, Idris Okuneye, famously known as Bobrisky, has pleaded guilty to charges of abuse of the naira and money laundering. The proceedings took place at a Lagos court where Bobrisky appeared before the judge, facing a four-count charge brought against her by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Originally arraigned on a six-count charge, Bobrisky saw two charges dropped after discussions between the parties involved. Despite her guilty plea, the court opted to defer sentencing until April 9, 2024, while ordering Bobrisky to remain in the custody of the EFCC until the next hearing.

During the court session, Bobrisky’s defense counsel, Ayo Olumofin, represented her, while the prosecutor, Suleiman Suleiman, presented the case on behalf of the EFCC. Following Bobrisky’s admission of guilt to the remaining charges, the court heard from the investigating police officer, Bolaji Temitope, who provided a summary of the case as the prosecution’s witness.

Temitope revealed that the EFCC had obtained video evidence showing Bobrisky mutilating naira notes during social events. The witness explained that Bobrisky was invited for questioning, where he voluntarily made a statement acknowledging his involvement in the acts depicted in the videos.

The court was presented with the incriminating videos, along with Bobrisky’s statement and a certificate of identification, which were admitted as exhibits by the judge. Based on the evidence presented, the court found Bobrisky guilty of the charges, sparking a plea for leniency from the defendant.

In a bid for mercy, Bobrisky, who boasts a massive social media following of five million, expressed remorse for his actions and pledged to use his platform to educate others on the legal implications of currency abuse. Meanwhile, his defense counsel appealed for a non-custodial sentence.

Following deliberations, the judge postponed sentencing to April 9, giving room for further consideration. Until then, Bobrisky will remain in EFCC custody, awaiting the final judgment on his fate.

The charges against Bobrisky stem from an incident on March 24, where he allegedly tampered with the sum of ₦400,000 by spraying money during a social event at Circle Mall, Jakande in Lagos. The EFCC further accused him of similar acts involving various amounts of money between 2022 and 2023.

Additionally, the EFCC highlighted allegations of failure to submit company activity declarations to the Special Control Unit Against Money Laundering. These actions, according to the EFCC, violated provisions of the Central Bank Act 2007 and the Money Laundering Act 2022.

As Bobrisky awaits his fate, the case continues to draw attention, underscoring the legal complexities surrounding social media influencers and their responsibilities in promoting lawful behavior within society.

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