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Bobrisky sentenced to 6 months in Ikoyi prison for Naira abuse; no fine option available



Bobrisky sentenced to 6 months in Ikoyi prison for Naira abuse; no fine option available

Bobrisky sentenced to 6 months in Ikoyi prison for Naira abuse; no fine option available

In a significant legal development, Idris Okuneye, famously known as Bobrisky, has been handed a six-month jail sentence without the option of a fine for her involvement in the mutilation of the naira. This verdict was delivered by Justice Abimbola Awogboro of the Federal High Court in Lagos on Friday, April 12, 2024.

Bobrisky’s encounter with the law began when she was arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for allegedly spraying naira notes at an event. The EFCC, in a statement, indicated that their investigation uncovered additional instances where Bobrisky had engaged in similar conduct at various event centers and parties.


Upon receiving an invitation from the EFCC, Bobrisky voluntarily appeared at the Lagos Zonal Command for interrogation on Wednesday, April 4, 2024, and provided her statements. Subsequently, the EFCC augmented the initial charges with two counts of money laundering, although the court ultimately dismissed these additional charges.

The news of Bobrisky’s sentencing has stirred a range of reactions among Nigerians, with some expressing sympathy and others questioning the severity of the punishment. One individual remarked, “She was used as a scapegoat. Why no option of fine, please???? What point are they trying so hard to prove? I hope she learns to not always brag on social media that she is above the law when she gets out too.” Another echoed this sentiment, stating, “They just used her as a scapegoat and if we’re being fair, she doesn’t deserve it. 99% percent of people at events spray money exactly the way she sprayed money in that video. This isn’t fair.”


The court’s decision not to offer Bobrisky the choice of a fine has fueled debate about the appropriateness of the punishment for the offense of naira abuse. Critics argue that the sentence may be disproportionate given the common occurrence of such practices at social gatherings. However, supporters of the judgment contend that it sends a strong message about the importance of upholding the integrity of the national currency and deterrence against similar acts in the future.

As Bobrisky begins her stint in Ikoyi prison, the public discourse surrounding her case underscores broader conversations about accountability, legal standards, and social media influence in Nigeria.

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