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Brother reveals truth behind Jumoke Aderounmu’s passing, questions Funke Akindele’s alleged neglect



Brother reveals truth behind Jumoke Aderounmu's passing, questions Funke Akindele's alleged neglect

Brother reveals truth behind Jumoke Aderounmu’s passing, questions Funke Akindele’s alleged neglect


Adeola Aderounmu, brother of the late actress Jumoke Aderounmu, has shed light on the circumstances surrounding his sister’s passing and raised questions about her relationship with actress and filmmaker Funke Akindele. In an exclusive interview with Punch, Adeola shared insights into Jumoke’s final days and addressed the alleged neglect by Funke Akindele during her illness.

Contrary to speculation, Adeola clarified that Jumoke was not battling any illness but peacefully passed away in her sleep. He described her as an introvert who preferred solitude and had no history of health issues. Additionally, he disclosed Jumoke’s plans to relocate to the United Kingdom before her untimely demise.

Despite efforts to reach out to Funke Akindele, including sending another actress, Paschaline Alex, they received no response. Adeola expressed disappointment over Funke’s alleged abandonment of his sister, noting that only Rita Dominic and Tayo Sobola extended support during Jumoke’s challenging period. He emphasized Jumoke’s attempts to seek clarification from Funke regarding the cessation of job opportunities but received no explanation.

Addressing the controversy, Adeola criticized Funke for publicly mourning Jumoke after allegedly neglecting her during her time of need. He questioned the authenticity of Funke’s intentions, accusing her of displaying “fake love” only after Jumoke’s passing.

Responding to Adeola’s claims, Funke Akindele tearfully addressed the issue during an Instagram Live session. She denied prior knowledge of Jumoke’s illness and refuted allegations of neglect, attributing her silence to personal struggles, including the loss of her mother and challenges in her marriage and political involvement.

The conflicting accounts surrounding Jumoke Aderounmu’s passing and the subsequent controversy involving Funke Akindele have sparked widespread debate and speculation within the entertainment industry. As Adeola seeks answers and justice for his late sister, the public awaits further developments in this unfolding saga.

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