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Hilda Baci claps back at fraud allegations: counters VeryDarkMan’s claims with proof



Hilda Baci claps back at fraud allegations: counters VeryDarkMan's claims with proof

Hilda Baci claps back at fraud allegations: counters VeryDarkMan’s claims with proof


Renowned Guinness World Record holder and culinary expert, Hilda Baci, has vehemently responded to allegations of fraud leveled against her by influencer VeryDarkMan. On April 23, 2024, Baci took to social media to address the accusations, presenting evidence to refute the claims made by the activist.

In a screen recording shared on her Instagram account, Baci showcased her ongoing online cooking class, aiming to debunk VeryDarkMan’s assertions. The footage displayed the activity within the online platform, including the admission of new students and the engagement surrounding the culinary training. With 5,880 active students and 156 recipes already posted, Baci’s post highlighted the robustness and legitimacy of her program.

The accusations stemmed from claims made by VeryDarkMan, alleging that Baci had defrauded individuals who had paid to participate in her culinary training. He asserted that some students who had paid for the class were not added to the teaching platform as promised, labeling Baci’s actions as “obtaining under false pretense” and fraudulent.

In a video addressing Baci directly, VeryDarkMan expressed his disappointment, stating, “Hilda Baci, you have worked so hard for your brand, but it’s as though you’re trying to spoil the reputation of your brand. What you’re doing now is giving ‘Obtaining under false pretense,’ which is fraud by the way. You can’t collect money from a lot of people for something and then not do it and you’re not even addressing it.”

He further elaborated on the alleged misconduct, highlighting instances where Baci failed to commence the online cooking class as scheduled, despite accepting registrations and payments from participants. VeryDarkMan emphasized the frustration voiced by numerous individuals in the comment section of Baci’s posts, characterizing the situation as fraudulent and unacceptable.

Baci’s swift response to the allegations signifies her commitment to transparency and accountability. By sharing tangible evidence of the ongoing cooking class, she seeks to dispel any doubts regarding the legitimacy of her program. The screen recording serves as a testament to the active engagement and progress within the culinary training, reaffirming Baci’s dedication to delivering value to her students.

As the controversy unfolds, Baci’s proactive approach in addressing the accusations showcases her determination to uphold her reputation and integrity in the culinary industry. With the support of her loyal followers and the evidence presented, Baci aims to set the record straight and continue providing quality culinary education to aspiring chefs worldwide.

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