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‘Ajosepo’ holds firm at the top of Nigerian Box Office for fourth consecutive week



'Ajosepo' holds firm at the top of Nigerian Box Office for fourth consecutive week

‘Ajosepo’ holds firm at the top of Nigerian Box Office for fourth consecutive week

Nigerian filmmaker Kayode Kasum’s comedy-drama, Ajosepo, continues its remarkable reign at the pinnacle of the Nigerian box office, maintaining its top spot for an impressive four weeks since its release. According to the latest figures released by the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), Ajosepo stands tall as the undisputed champion, dominating the box office charts with unwavering success.

In a report published by CEAN on Friday, May 11, 2024, detailing the top 20 films showcased in Nigerian cinemas, Ajosepo emerged as the frontrunner, reaffirming its commercial prowess and enduring popularity among moviegoers. The movie, which garnered a staggering ₦50.4 million in its inaugural five days of release (April 10 to April 14), continues to dazzle audiences, raking in an impressive ₦35.5 million in weekly earnings for the period spanning May 3 to May 9. As of the latest update, Ajosepo boasts a remarkable cumulative gross of ₦189.2 million, firmly cementing its status as a box office sensation.

Ajosepo unfolds the captivating tale of Dapo, portrayed by Mike Afolarin, and Tani, portrayed by Tomike Adeoye, a young couple on the brink of marital bliss. Against the backdrop of a lavish wedding celebration, the couple’s joyous occasion is soon engulfed in turmoil as buried secrets, familial tensions, and unforeseen revelations threaten to unravel their dreams. Directed by the visionary Kayode Kasum, the movie features an ensemble cast including Timini Egbuson, Yemi Solade, and Ronke Oshodi Oke, captivating audiences with its blend of laughter, drama, and poignant storytelling.

Trailing behind Ajosepo in the rankings is the sports-themed Nollywood flick, Aburo, securing the fourth spot with a weekly gross of ₦13.1 million and a total earning of ₦16.2 million. Meanwhile, the Yoruba masterpiece, Blacksmith: Alagbede, which previously held the third position with an opening weekend revenue of ₦11.3 million, has slipped to fifth place, amassing ₦9.5 million in weekly earnings and a cumulative gross of ₦44.6 million. The Yoruba epic saga, Beast of Two Worlds (Ajakaju), occupies the seventh spot after generating an impressive ₦101.2 million during its debut weekend, now adding ₦5.5 million in weekly proceeds to achieve a cumulative total of ₦247.2 million.

Further down the list, at the eleventh position, is the poignant drama Saving Onome, helmed by director Dimeji Ajibola. The film chronicles the heart-wrenching journey of two devoted parents striving to care for their ailing daughter, Onome. With a cumulative gross of ₦42.5 million, Saving Onome continues to touch hearts, earning ₦1.9 million in weekly revenue.

Rounding out the list is the compelling Nollywood feature, All is Fair in Love, occupying the eighteenth spot with a modest weekly gross of ₦6,000 and a commendable total earning of ₦131.5 million.

As Ajosepo maintains its triumphant stride at the apex of the Nigerian box office, it underscores the enduring allure of captivating storytelling and stellar filmmaking, captivating audiences and leaving an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

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