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Minister Festus Keyamo calls for airfare parity



Minister Festus Keyamo calls for airfare parity

Minister Festus Keyamo calls for airfare parity

The Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development, Festus Keyamo, has issued a clarion call to foreign carriers operating in Nigeria, urging them to align their airfare pricing with the fare structure prevailing in neighboring regions. Keyamo emphasized the importance of ensuring equitable access to affordable air travel for Nigerian passengers, highlighting the potential for such measures to bolster partnerships within the travel industry and facilitate the government’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and affordability.

In a bid to promote fair and competitive pricing in the aviation sector, the Federal Government has underscored the need for helicopter companies operating within Nigerian airspace to adhere to the payment of landing levies to the designated concessionaire responsible for overseeing such transactions. Keyamo affirmed that compliance with international best practices in this regard is essential for fostering a conducive operating environment and upholding regulatory standards.

The Minister’s remarks came during a pivotal meeting with a delegation from France-KLM, led by Country Manager Christine Quantin, Key Account Manager Antonia Kenosa Umunna, and Deputy Station Manager Damilola Ogunseye. The courtesy visit served as a platform for constructive dialogue on key initiatives aimed at enhancing aviation services in Nigeria and strengthening collaboration between the government and industry stakeholders.

Acknowledging the significance of air travel as a vital component of global connectivity and economic development, Keyamo underscored the imperative of fostering an inclusive and accessible aviation landscape that caters to the diverse needs of passengers. By advocating for fair and transparent pricing mechanisms, the Minister aims to promote consumer welfare and enhance the competitiveness of Nigeria’s aviation sector on the global stage.

Central to the discussions was the issue of airfare affordability and accessibility, with Keyamo emphasizing the need for foreign carriers to play a proactive role in ensuring that ticket prices remain within reach for Nigerian travelers. Recognizing the pivotal role of air transportation in facilitating tourism, trade, and economic growth, the Minister underscored the importance of fostering a conducive regulatory environment that incentivizes fair competition and promotes innovation.

Against the backdrop of ongoing efforts to enhance airport infrastructure and streamline regulatory processes, the Federal Government remains committed to fostering a collaborative partnership with industry stakeholders to address key challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the aviation sector. The delegation from France-KLM commended the Minister’s leadership and expressed appreciation for the government’s initiatives to improve facilities at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, particularly highlighting the positive impact on passenger experience at wing E.

As Nigeria continues to position itself as a hub for air travel and tourism in the West African region, the Minister’s advocacy for airfare parity and regulatory compliance underscores the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable growth and development in the aviation industry. Through strategic partnerships and targeted interventions, Nigeria aims to enhance its aviation infrastructure, improve service delivery, and create a conducive environment for investment and innovation in the sector.

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