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Gas Disruption Plunges Aba Communities into Darkness



Gas Disruption Plunges Aba Communities into Darkness

Gas Disruption Plunges Aba Communities into Darkness

A debilitating gas disruption has cast a shadow over the communities of Aba, plunging vast swathes of Abia State into darkness and exacerbating the challenges faced by residents already grappling with power outages. The protracted outage, which commenced last week, has left residents of the nine local government areas in a state of uncertainty and frustration as efforts to resolve the crisis linger.

According to sources within the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPCL) Limited, the disruption to electricity supply in Aba and its environs stems from logistical challenges in gas transportation, resulting in a breakdown in the energy infrastructure that serves the region. An engineer at NNPCL, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the issue, attributed the gas-related issues to ongoing repairs on a gas pipeline located in Rivers State.

“We mobilized swiftly upon receiving reports of the valve’s status, recognizing the critical importance of restoring power to Aba, a pivotal industrial and commercial hub,” explained the NNPCL engineer. Despite concerted efforts to expedite repairs, the intricate nature of the pipeline rupture has posed significant hurdles, prolonging the outage and deepening the plight of affected communities.

However, amidst the prevailing darkness, sources at Aba Power revealed that select areas within the Aba Ring-fenced Area continue to receive electricity, albeit through alternative means. The distribution company has resorted to importing power from the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) to mitigate the impact of the gas disruption on local businesses and essential services.

While the decision to import power underscores a proactive approach to addressing the crisis, concerns linger over the exorbitant costs incurred by Aba Power in securing additional electricity supply. Sources within the company, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that Aba Power is bearing the brunt of the financial burden, shelling out over N2 billion for a mere 25 megawatts of imported power.

“The astronomical cost reflects our commitment to ensuring uninterrupted power supply for the people of Aba, particularly amid the prevailing challenges,” remarked a source within Aba Power. Despite the financial strain, the company remains steadfast in its mission to facilitate economic activities and sustain essential services within the community.

The prolonged power outage has elicited widespread frustration and discontent among residents, who decry the adverse impact on daily life and livelihoods. Businesses have been forced to grapple with operational disruptions, while households endure the inconvenience of prolonged darkness and limited access to essential amenities.

As stakeholders grapple with the complexities of resolving the gas disruption and restoring normalcy to Aba’s energy infrastructure, the plight of affected communities underscores the urgent need for sustainable solutions and robust contingency measures. The collaboration between government agencies, energy providers, and regulatory bodies is imperative in addressing the underlying issues and safeguarding the welfare of residents.

Amidst the challenges, resilience and solidarity prevail as communities unite in navigating the darkness and advocating for swift action to alleviate their plight. With concerted efforts and unwavering determination, Aba and its surrounding areas will emerge from the shadows, illuminated by the promise of a brighter, more resilient future.

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