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Portable slams Vector Tha Viper over viral snippet



Portable slams Vector Tha Viper over viral snippet

Portable slams Vector Tha Viper over viral snippet

In a sensational Instagram Live session that has sent shockwaves through the Nigerian music industry, controversial singer Portable unleashed a tirade against veteran rapper Vector Tha Viper. The drama unfolded after Vector name-dropped ‘Zazu’ in a viral snippet of an unreleased song, igniting Portable’s fury.

Portable’s Fiery Outburst

Portable, notorious for his candid and unfiltered persona, did not hold back in his verbal assault. He proclaimed himself the “king of the streets,” asserting his dominance over the music industry and dismissing Vector’s influence and achievements.

“God is my own pioneer. So, nobody should claim he paved the way for me,” Portable declared emphatically. “Vector the Viper, that song you subbed me in, don’t you know I am a king? I control the country and streets. Can you control what I control? You dey wine? You blow reach me? Are you not a rapper? Aren’t we, singers, who would give you the chorus of your song? Instead of you reaching out to me for a feature, you are mimicking me. You blow reach me?”

This bold assertion has set the stage for a high-profile feud that has captivated fans and industry insiders alike.

The Snippet That Sparked the Fire

The snippet in question, which has not been officially released, features Vector name-dropping ‘Zazu,’ a term widely associated with Portable due to his hit song “Zazoo Zehh.” However, the reference appears to have been misunderstood by Portable, leading to his explosive reaction.

Social Media Erupts

As the altercation played out online, fans and industry commentators weighed in on the escalating feud. Some defended Vector, suggesting that Portable had misconstrued the lyrics, while others criticized Portable for his aggressive response.

Instagram user abiola_olayajo remarked, “Portable should better stop coz he wasn’t referring to him in any way… Zazu is the name of a bird in Lion King I guess… even this blogger self na werey, that’s DJ Magnum’s picture (Vector’s Brother).”

Big7record chimed in, “Lol insulting Vector because you want to feel special & greet the hype on media is just so wrong. Like when Vector dey win awards who know Portable?”

Huzanamusic blasted, “See this small tingo sef they insult a futal lord & award-winning lyricist cos of clout. And na tingo for that matter.”

Kesterrozay commented, “Even if you have money, education is key. Vector was referencing Zazu the bird in Lion King, he wasn’t even talking about Portable. This one just don go get beef with a person for nothing. Vector no small oh.”

Jay_osas added, “Portable no know say Zazu the bird in the Lion King Dey lol.”

Industry Reactions

The public spat has drawn reactions from various quarters of the music industry. While some view it as a mere publicity stunt, others see it as a reflection of deeper tensions within the Nigerian music scene.

Music critic, Tony Ejiogu, shared his perspective: “This feud is emblematic of the larger dynamics at play in the industry. It’s about recognition, respect, and the struggle for dominance. Portable’s reaction, though over-the-top, speaks to his desire to assert his place in the hierarchy.”

Vector’s Silence

As of now, Vector Tha Viper has not responded to Portable’s outburst, maintaining a dignified silence. This has only fueled speculation and curiosity among fans, who are eagerly waiting to see how the rapper will address the situation.

A History of Controversy

Portable’s rise to fame has been marked by a series of controversies and public spats. His unapologetic approach to his career and life has earned him both ardent supporters and fierce critics. This latest episode is in line with his unpredictable and confrontational style, which has kept him in the headlines since his breakout.

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