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Matawalle bolsters Nigeria’s security arsenal: Presents Hi-Tech unmanned water vessels to President Tinubu



Matawalle bolsters Nigeria's security arsenal: Presents Hi-Tech unmanned water vessels to President Tinubu

In a groundbreaking development to enhance Nigeria’s maritime security, the Honourable Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Muhammed Bello Matawalle, presented two cutting-edge unmanned water vessels to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This significant move is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to combat insecurity on the nation’s waterways, particularly in the Niger Delta, Lake Chad region, and other maritime areas.


The donation, a result of Matawalle’s recent working visit to the United States, marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s pursuit of innovative technologies to address contemporary security challenges. The two unmanned ships, known as the S2 and S3 Swift Sea Stalkers, were generously provided by Swift Ship Company, a reputable firm based in the USA.


During the presentation at the Villa, Dr. Matawalle highlighted the strategic importance of these hi-tech vessels, emphasizing their role in bolstering the nation’s maritime security efforts. He elaborated on the capabilities of the S2 and S3 Swift Sea Stalkers, underscoring their advanced features designed for effective deployment in combating insecurity across vital water regions.


The Minister’s visit to the United States included inspections of NEANY, Swift Ships, and the OCR Global, all esteemed high-tech military hardware companies. He explained that this strategic visit aimed to explore collaborative opportunities with these companies for the local production of military hardware in Nigeria, working in partnership with the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON).


Addressing President Tinubu, Dr. Matawalle expressed the benefits of fostering partnerships with U.S. companies, emphasizing the potential for localized military hardware production. This aligns seamlessly with President Tinubu’s overarching agenda to prioritize peace and security within the nation.


The Minister’s comprehensive briefing covered various facilities inspected during his U.S. visit, including rapid deployment mobile RADAR systems, unmanned water vehicles, drone ground control stations, and compact biometric search-scan systems. These state-of-the-art technologies showcase the potential for elevating Nigeria’s military and intelligence capabilities in the relentless fight against insecurity.


Dr. Matawalle reassured President Tinubu that the incorporation of these cutting-edge military and intelligence hardware capabilities would significantly contribute to the nation’s ongoing efforts to tackle insecurity. The presentation of the hi-tech unmanned water vessels marks a crucial step forward in Nigeria’s quest for comprehensive security solutions, setting the stage for potential advancements in local military hardware production and reinforcing the nation’s commitment to lasting peace and security.


As Henshaw Ogubike, the Director of Press & Public Relations for the Ministry of Defence, announced this groundbreaking development, it signifies a milestone in Nigeria’s pursuit of innovation and collaboration to fortify its security apparatus. The hi-tech unmanned water vessels presented to President Tinubu symbolize not just a donation but a strategic investment in the nation’s security architecture, propelling Nigeria into a future where cutting-edge technology stands as a formidable ally in the battle against insecurity.

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