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Appeal reserved: Baba Ijesha awaits verdict on sexual assault conviction



Appeal reserved: Baba Ijesha awaits verdict on sexual assault conviction

Appeal reserved: Baba Ijesha awaits verdict on sexual assault conviction


The Court of Appeal, Lagos Division, has deferred judgment in the appeal filed by renowned Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha, following his conviction by a Lagos State High Court for sexual assault. Baba Ijesha, sentenced to sixteen years in prison for the assault of a minor, sought the appellate court to overturn the lower court’s ruling. His appeal, marked CA/LAG/CR/544/23, awaits the decision of the three-man panel of the appellate court, led by Justice Folasade Ojo, after a hearing on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

In the courtroom, Baba Ijesha’s legal representative, Kayode Olabiran, contended that the prosecution failed to substantiate the age of the victim he allegedly assaulted. He further asserted that his client was ensnared in a plot.

Olabiran argued, “The charge itself revolves around the defilement of a minor, yet the prosecution couldn’t establish the age of the victim. The appellant was set up. He was merely acting out a script assigned by his colleague (PW1), Damilola Adekoya. Unbeknownst to the appellant, there was CCTV footage in the room.”

He continued, “The scenario witnessed was part of a scripted enactment, tendered as evidence by the prosecution. Moreover, his confession, obtained under duress amid physical assault during arrest, must be viewed in this context.”

Recall that Baba Ijesha was apprehended on April 22, 2021, following the announcement of his arrest by the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl under the care of Nollywood actress Princess.

According to child forensic expert Ajayi-Kayode, the clinical report on the minor indicated that Baba Ijesha purportedly engaged in sexual activities with the child when she was seven years old on two occasions, once allegedly inserting his car key into her vagina.

He was convicted on four out of the six counts he faced.

The proceedings have garnered significant attention, with stakeholders eagerly awaiting the Court of Appeal’s ruling, which will determine the fate of Baba Ijesha’s appeal against his conviction for sexual assault. As the legal battle unfolds, the case continues to draw scrutiny, highlighting broader societal concerns surrounding sexual offenses and the criminal justice system’s response to such cases.

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